Let’s hear it from the spices at South Indian Vibes

We just overheard some spice drama at the South Indian Vibes and we’d like to call it:

The Curry Crescendo:

The oil sizzles in a pan kept over the stove. Bottled up spices stare down from the nearby shelf.

Cloves (in awe): This is all I had been waiting for my entire life! Ever since the big brown man picked me up from my fields all I have ever known is of this purpose- to be a part of somebody’s special dish someday!Nutmeg (growling): These kids I tell you! Why did the lady have to give me a compartment right next to them? Listen kid. I think you should be the one jumping in first.

Chilli: No. Never listen to the nutmeg guy. The allegiance that he owes to all those varieties of dishes is too much! I have never seen a spice with as many faces as yours nutmeg. (Glancing over to cloves) Do not trust him.

Nutmeg: Oh you sure are one to talk aren’t you? Name one recipe you have not been party to and I will let the kid be.

Chilli: Well. I uh-

All eyes turn towards the pan. Minute disturbance occurs as the onions woohoo while falling into it.

Nutmeg scoffs.

Chilli: That is only because I have never failed humanity. I never disappoint people in their taste. They love my style. They always know I am there even if it is just a hint. I help fight inflammation and pain, I boost immunity, I even reduce cholestrol. And the endorphin kick of my flavour! I am a star; can’t help it.

Turmeric: Tch tch. Look at you two fighting like that when you know all of us are in this together.

Mustard seeds: And you nutmeg! Are you not supposed to be sweet? Did they not teach you that in nutmeg school?

Attention diverted by the veggies fall into the pan one by one, chattering excitedly. All eyes back onto the spices.

Turmeric: I am here with all my antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. I am a prodigy at immunity building. Did you know I cure cancer? There’s hardly a dish that survives without me. And my aroma is just about perfect. But do you see me boasting about it? Do you?

Awkward silence follows. Tomato puree hisses as it enters the pan.

Cloves: Um yes. And did you know they savour me in biscuits too? And perfumes? And pharmaceuticals? I will not be bullied like this. I treat bad breaths and nausea and so much more!

Mustard seeds (whispering to cloves): Nice. Keep going.

Cloves: I have my own teas and desserts too. People go gaga over me in the rice. Judge me when you have a fan following as good as that.

Mustard seeds: Bravo!

Turmeric (to mustard): Do you not have anything to say?

Mustard seeds: Oh uh yeah. I have so much of minerals, vitamins, proteins and oils. And I got antioxidants too. I am an ace at pain treatment and they use me for their hair and skin as well. I have sauces and pastes and I am just what this curry needs right now. The goodness sometimes gets too much (nervous laughter) but I manage.

Nutmeg: That is pretty convenient now, ganging up on a single spice like that. I have no less properties of my own, you name it. I màster in anti-oxidants, anti-depressants, vitamins, I am the perfect thing for the stomach and kidneys. I am anti-fungal too.

Turmeric: We are not ganging up on you. We just would appreciate it if you were a bit less biting.

Nutmeg: I am not for everybody’s taste the.

Chilli rolls it’s eyes.

Mustard seeds: I think it is time.

Cloves jumping excitedly as it is picked for a good grounding. Turmeric and mustard seeds bid their farewells. Nutmeg is picked up to follow cloves.

Nutmeg (with narrowed eyes): See you on the other side, Chilli.

Chilli: Soon. Very soon.

Chilli exits the shelf and enters the pan.

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