Astonishing Facts about South Indian Food

South Indian Food

South Indian Cuisine, is among the top meal preferences in India. Although it is the staple food of a lot of states in South India, but South Indian food is widely consumed across the nation. The popular cuisine primarily comprises of choices of Dosas, Uttapams, Idlis and Vadas to go along with deliciously spiced Sambar and a variety of Chutney.

But, if this is all you know about the South Indian food, here are a few interesting facts to awake your curiosity.

South Indian Food: –

  • The Base is Rice: Almost all the South Indian dishes are prepared with Rice as the base ingredient. The Rice is cooked at different temperatures, depending on the food item and blended with a variety of spices to form the various delicacies.
  • Five States: South Indian food is the staple food of 5 states in India. The people of  Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and the state of Telengana, consume more South Indian food than the rest of India, combined.
  • Taste Meter: Most people have a common notion, that South Indian food is all cooked in a similar way everywhere. This, however is an extremely wrong perception as each of the 5 states, offer you a different taste. Similar dishes are cooked with a different blend of spices and the taste can vary from fairly mild to very spicy, depending on the place.
  • Beyond Dosas and Idlis: South Indian food as we all think is pretty much Dosas and Idlis. But it way beyond that and there a few popular South Indian dishes, that you wouldn’t have even heard of, before. The State of Andhra has Pesarattu (kind of a pancake), Upma and Pulihaara (tamarind and rice). Karnataka South Indian Food is pretty unique and you will be surprised to know, that to boost the taste, they use sweeteners such as Jaggery and Palm Sugar.
  • Coconut for Chutneys: The main ingredient used in a variety of South Indian cuisine chutneys, is coconut.  Coconut is again used a lot, while preparing dishes in Kerela. The primary reason for Kerela using coconut as base is because Kerela is the top exporter of Coconut in India and it is found in abundance across the state.

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